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Bhairabsthan Mandir: ( History, Tradition & Attraction )




Bhairabsthan Mandir is also known as the Kal Bhairab temple which is one of the biggest Hindu temples of lord Kal Bhairab. It is situated about 9 km NorthWest of the city of Tansen, which is the headquarters of the district Palpa in Nepal & About 270 kilometers far away from Kathmandu, that is constructed by  Pratam Samser Rana. In this temple, there is one of the biggest Trishul in Asia.

This temple is very famous for its unique tradition of PANCHABALI, which includes animal sacrifice made during that occasion means “Pancha” means 5, and “Bali” means sacrifice. Therefore, it is the process of sacrificing 5 animals that contain 5 different animals like a hen, duck, sheep, he-goat, and buffalo which is a little different than other animal sacrifices. For many years, this tradition has been followed and created a huge number of devotees in this temple.

This temple is a favored pilgrimage destination for Hindus from all over Nepal. During the month of Navratri, there is very crowded because devotees went to worship Bhairab & seek his blesses. Navratri is a Hindu festival that is believed to be the goddess  Durga & also referred to as Adi Parashakti which means Nava meaning “9″, and Ratri meaning “nights”. It occurs over 9 days during the first month of Chaitra (March/April of the ), and then in the month of Ashwin

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Bhairabsthan Mandir

The history of Bhairabsthan Temple is so enigma. Its exact origins are unknown but there are many legends and stories of this temple.

✓ One of the legends said that the temple was constructed by King Mukunda Sena in the 13th century. King Mukunda Sena was a devotee of Bhairab who is of the Sena dynasty & he constructed the temple to house a self-manifested image of the god.

Another legend said that this temple was constructed by a group of yogis who were researching a place to meditate purpose and they found the most luxurious place to meditate on the hilltop of the town of Tansen. They construct that temple house which is an image of Bhairab thought that would protect them from evil spirits.

In this present year, this has been restored & renovated, which creates a new temple that is a very beautiful structure. Presently In Nepal, this temple is one of the tourist attractions & for sure to continue to be the popular & best pilgrimage destination for many years.




Bhairabsthan tradition

This temple is visited by people all over Nepal and mostly by the Hindus of Palpa also by people nearby this temple which is particularly popular during the month of Mangsir.

Huge number of traditions are associated with Bhairabsthan Temple where sacrificing the animal is one of the traditions followed by the pilgrims.

At this temple, Tuesdays & Saturdays are the main days to worship Kal Bhairab, many Hindu visit there at the time of Mahaastami of Dashain.

✓ Bhairabsthan Lakhe is also organized there.

Another tradition associated with Bhairabsthan Temple is providing Rot which is the main prasad of this temple, which is made from rice flour and is also the Favourite food of Bhairab.

It provides Meat, and Dhaja in different colors, red, green, & yellow to family and nearby relatives, are followed.

When they get Rot with themself they will think that they bring good luck with them accepting the blessing by putting a tika on the forehead is also a common belief among devotees.




Bhairabsthan attraction

This temple is also famous for having the biggest Trishul ( Trident ) in all of Nepal.

Such a beautiful architectural structure of this temple also makes it attractive.

The picturesque location of this temple is a highly recommended destination for those seeking an experience of a unique culture and nature.

Having a big opportunity to worship at this famous Hindu temple.

Getting a chance to experience the Nepali culture and tradition of that place.

Chance to see the range of including Mt. Machhapuchhre, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Dhaulagiri.



  Bhairabsthan Zipline  

Bhairabsthan Zipline

Bhairabsathan Zipline is about a 1000 m long zipline situated in the Palpa district. It is one of the longest ziplines in Nepal that offers stunning & greenery which makes you feel much closer to nature vibes.

This zipline process starts from the Bairabsthan and ends at the Raudikot Fort also known as Dhekul Dada which was established in 2078 BS.

This Bhairabsthan Zipline is a great way to occurrence the beauty of Nepal. It is such a great way which provides fun, & joy for all kinds of ages and also the safe.

It offers stunning views of the Himalayas & countryside. 

When you visit Bhairabsthan Temple you should vibe this Zipline, contact number: 9857060507. 



  Suggestion for the new visitors to Bhairabsthan 

If one of you is planning to visit this temple for Darshan or sightseeing, I highly recommend you choose the months of November or December due to the pleasant weather and high follower turnout, which adds to the pure environment.

You should choose the right time to visit there during November or December when the weather is good if the weather is not so good, you must be prepared for it.

you must wear an appropriate dress which means covering your shoulders and knees because it is a religious place so, it is better to dress respectively.

You should respect the culture and tradition because it lies in a Hindu religious county that includes not eating & drinking in public areas under the temple and also avoiding taking a picture of others without their permission.

There is no food or drinks near this temple so you must take your food, snacks & drink.

Bhairabsthan Temple is a very beautiful & peaceful place to visit so enjoy your visit and take time to explore the temple and its surrounding area.

you should take a guide also who can help you to learn about the temple and its history.

Moreover, the roads are very dusty and rough, & I should recommend you use a mask while traveling on a bike or any vehicle just to avoid inhaling the dust particles in your body.

In Tansen, there is no international airport but you can take the airport to Kathmandu; Tribhuvan University Airport. 





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