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Butwal ( Nepal ): 14 Tourist Destinations, Culture, Festivals, Bus Park & Hotels



Butwal, the fastest-growing city in Nepal for health, education, construction, communication, trade, & many more, has an appealing quality that pleases those who experience it or think about it.

It is just an alluring historical and fantastic religious site of Nepal with the best natural beauty and pollution-free environment.

Butwal is Located on the bank of the Tinau River(Lumbini province), comprising panoramic views of the hills and plains.

Butwal was also named “Green City of Nepal 2019”.

Butwal is well connected with highways and airways systems with an intersection point of Nepal’s two major highways, Mahendra & Siddhartha Highways.

Regular buses leave for Butwal from Kathmandu, which covers a 270km distance and takes approximately 6-7 hours to reach Butwal.

However, if traveling for 6-7 hours isn’t your thing and you want to reach Butwal fast, airways could be the best option.

Gautam Buddha Airport (Bhairahawa) is the nearest airline covering 28km from the city. It takes just 45 min to reach Butwal from Bhairahawa.

The city increasingly attracts attention for its daily health, education, tourism, and offerings.

There are plenty of surprising and unique activities to experience and beautiful places to explore at this remote destination.



  A. Tourist Destinations Inside Butwal  


1. Hill Park 

Butwal Hill Park is an eye-alluring place you should not miss during your visit to Butwal.


For nature lovers, Hill Park may be the best option, where greenery sal tree forest gives you a good vibe and make you fall in love with nature.

It is also famous for jogging and doing multiple exercises in the fresh air inside the green jungle.

 The unique method to be healthy is a dance, which you can experience early in the morning in the park.

This community prioritizes health and enjoys morning activities like singing and dancing. It’s thrilling to see.

 If you’re a traveler looking to plan an enjoyable event, why not consider having a picnic here?

Temples, Greenery, Bird Watching, Picnic, Events, Film shooting, Music Video shoots, and many other activities can be done in Butwal Hill Park.

There is a view tower at the top from where you can watch the sunrise with a panoramic view of Butwal City.


2. Butwal Fulbari

Butwal Fulbari is one of the artistic places to visit when in Butwal. This is Locally known as Madimukunda Park.



✓ It is said that the park Fulbari used to be the garden of King Manimukunda Sen in an ancient period.

The park is a haven of verdant beauty, immersing you in the tranquility of nature.

Lots of beautiful flowers, a small zoo, a well-managed garden & park is perfect for picnics, parties, visiting the place, and so on.

While strolling in the park, you will find various pulchritudinous flowers that capture your heart in no time.

I visited the zoo and was amazed by all the wild animals there. The zoo is fascinating, from majestic leopards to graceful deer, quirky blue cows, slithering pythons, and many more.

This place is an ideal park to hang out with friends and family so that they visit once and spend quality time.



3. Ban Batika

Ban Batika, The garden with abundant space for rest, enjoyment, and fun with numerous attractive & beautiful flowers, a playground, a spot for picnics, a zoo area, and many more.


Ban Batika is a serene and idyllic picnic spot with a lovely garden and a charming small zoo.

It could be a fantastic place for a day out with family, friends & even with kids for entertainment, such as an educational zoo tour, small gatherings, group picnics, etc.

Ban Batika is a beautiful park(The Garden In the Jungle) with an exciting environment and recreational activities.

It is the best-recommended place to visit if you are at Butwal.



4. Jeetgadhi fort

In an ancient period, The Jeet Gadhi was known as Butwal Gadhi. It was built by the Sen dynasty.


It is a decent historical place where Nepalese beat the British during the Anglo-Nepal war and thus was named Jeetgadhi.

It is an excellent peaceful place with historical essence.

Jeet Gadhi has been transformed into a war museum to honor and commemorate the Battle of Jitgadhi.

It is located on the western bank of the Tinau River and can be reached by a half-hour walk from Butwal Baazar.



5. Kamal Pokhari

 Kamal Pokhari is blessed with gorgeous natural and unsullied beauty.


✓ It is a type of great pond with various gorgeous lotus flowers.

It is an excellent place for visiting, unrelated to artificial forts and museums.

As you step into the lush green forest, surrounded by towering sal trees, your eyes glimpse a serene pond. The peaceful view is breathtaking, and you can’t help but feel like you’ve stumbled upon a slice of paradise.

It is located near the Aamda Hospital.



  B. Tourist destinations near Butwal  


6. Siddha Baba Temple

Siddha Baba is a Hindu temple of lord Shiva where it is strongly believed that the wishes of the devotees who visit the Temple come true.


The area is in Dobhan, Palpa district of Nepal, near Butwal.

The greenery environment, classic view of hills with a big stone slab, and divine river, including the public trust of Hindu people, the Temple made the importance of Siddha Baba more dazzling.

A large pigeon population around the Temple could signify peace.

The Temple is a popular destination for many, especially on Saturdays, Mondays, and religious festivals like Shivaratri.

There is a strong connection between the people and the deity Shiva, both directly and indirectly.

Historically, it is believed that the Temple was a place of penance for King Bhartrihari, the elder brother of King Vikramaditya, the king who started Bikram Sambad.



7. Global Peace Park

The Global Peace Park offers a serene and picturesque environment for individuals to unwind and spend quality time. It also serves as an ideal location for practicing Yoga and meditation.


The park has gorgeous flowers, natural greenery garden, and statues.

You may capture the beauty of peace park, including the importance of Brahma Kumaris and Kailas Prabhat inside your warm heart.


8. Milan Park

Milan Park is also an excellent park near the global peace park and Butwal.


It is best for dwelling in nature and spending quality time with your beloved ones.

Although the park is under construction under the master plan of Butwal, still the place is perfect for visiting & for dry picnics.


9. Gajedi Taal

If you are a nature lover and curious to explore such things, then Gajedi Taal could be a perfect selection for visiting.


The provision of self-boating & Boating makes your time more memorable here.

The lake is ideal for enjoying calm water and dwelling peacefully with your beloved ones.

It is 12 km north of Butwal city and may take about 30 minutes to reach the lake from Butwal.

The Park and picnic spot with a beautiful lake view can melt your inner heart toward nature.



10. Muktinath Dham

Have you heard of Muktinath Dham? It’s a well-known Hindu temple that boasts numerous other temples and statues scattered across a vast area.

This Temple is situated in Nayagaun, Butwal.


In Hindu culture, the Temple’s revered three-eyed cow is regarded as a representation of Lord Shiva.

The best place to hang out with family and loved ones could be a temple where public trust shows that the wish will be fulfilled if you worship there.



11. Nuwakot Hills

Nuwakot Hill is an impeccable place to enjoy in glorious natural view with a spectacular view of Butwal City from the top.


There is an official short hike trail near Fulbari Zoo in Butwal.

You may get a small Bhairav temple at the top, where you can take a break and enjoy the magnificent view of Butwal city.

Nuwakot is just a famous as the auxiliary fort of the historic Jitgadhi fort, where Nepali heroes defeated the British in the Nepal-British war, and the ashram of Rishi Kaldeval, the guru of Gautam Buddha’s father, Shuddhodhan.

You can reach Nuwakot on foot for three kilometers from Ful Bari of Butwal.

A trekking route has been constructed near Ful Bari with the help of the Nepal Army.

When visiting Nuwakot, gathering information and exploring the historical and tourist sites is a good idea.

Many students and young people also enjoy visiting this area, especially during hot weather, to avoid the scorching heat.

The ruins of Gadhi Fort, Bhairav Kamana temple, and other landmarks at Nuwakot Hill offer a breathtaking view and captivate visitors.


12. Bhoot Khola


Bhoot Khola is one of the well-known rivers known for its beauty.

Bhoot Khola is like a natural swimming pool with a breathtaking waterfall. The constant water flow with a magnificent view has made the pond water clean.

Bhoot Khola is also popular as a small Bali of Nepal due to its picturesque scenery.

However, the myth says it is dangerous to swim there as they believe a ghost lives down the river. You can enjoy the superb view from the bridge.

Bhoot Khola is an excellent destination for tourists. It is located about 7 km north of Butwal and takes about 20 minutes to reach from Butwal city.



13. Kunja Park

Kunja Park could be the best place to hang out with friends and family in a very relaxed & superb environment.


Kunja Park is famous for Boating & picnics. It is just a foolproof space for parties and many more.

If you want to avoid stress and enjoy your holidays, then Kunja Park will be your best choice.


14. Lumbini

Lumbini is the holiest place, blessed with the various sites, instruments, and shrines of various stages of Buddha’s life.


Lumbini is believed to be where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautam( The Light of Asia), which offers various attractions related to the different occurrences in Buddha’s life.

Lumbini is an important site for history lovers and Buddhists, where the site has understandably become one of the world’s most amazing holy sites.

It is the place that Joins the millions of pilgrims who have journeyed over two thousand years and feel the power of spirituality for themselves.

As we know, Lumbini has ruins of ancient monasteries, a sacred Bodhi tree, an ancient bathing pond, the Ashoka pillar, and the Mayadevi Temple.

Generally, people visit Lumbini during April and May when the Buddha Jayanthi, the birth of Lord Buddha, is celebrated grandly.

Lumbini is a magnificent sign of peace & morality as most people practice meditation in Lumbini. The Museum inside Lumbini displays artifacts from Mauryan and Kushana periods.



  C. Major Religions With Festivals  

1. Hinduism


Although Hindu beliefs are vast and diverse, Hinduism is a deeply pluralistic tradition where people believe in promoting respect for other religions and acknowledging the potential for truth in them.

People of Butwal go through Religious Harmony, unity of existence, and thoughts of equality.

You may be surprised that most people trust keeping a substantial nexus with their community and relatives inside Butwal.

Popularly, Butwal is a hometown of the majority Hindu people like Brahmin, Chhetris, Magar, Tharu, Madh,esi, and others where mostly Dashain, Tihar, Krishna Janmashtami, Shivaratri, Teej, Maghi & Holi are celebrated as an important festival in Butwal.



2. Islam

The followers of Islam are Muslims who aim to live a life of complete submission to Allah.


As we know, People believe in Allah as the one & only God. and of course, Butwal is a Residental area of a few Islamic People.

People Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, Maulid Al-Nabi, and Ramadan as Major festivals.



3. Buddhism


Inside Butwal City, Very few Buddhist people live where people believe that human life is one of suffering and that meditation, spiritual and physical labor, and good behavior are ways to achieve enlightenment or nirvana.

Vesak/Buddha Jayanti, Guan Yin, Buddhist New Year, Kathina, Dharma Day, and Parinirvana Day are the major festivals Buddhists celebrate in Butwal.



4. Christianity


Certain populations of Butwal are hungry for Jesus, and encouraged their worship and desire for more of Jesus is beautiful.

Christmas is a Major festival celebrated in Butwal.



  D. Butwal Bus Park  


Butwal Bus Park is in the center/middle of Butwal (East-West High).

You can quickly get to a bus station nearby Lumbini Provincial Hospital.

Short & Long distance vehicles like Buses, taxis, Jeeps, Wingers, and haices regularly leave from the bus station.

Note: Buses for India are also available from Butwal.



  E. Famous Hotels With Phone Number In Butwal  


1. Hotel Da Flamingo


You’re eligible for an admirable discount at Hotel Da Flamingo.

It has a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and a garden, Boasting family rooms, which provide guests with a terrace.

The accommodation features include the 24-hour front desk, room service, and guest currency exchange.

The hotel rooms have air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a minibar, a kettle, a shower, slippers, and a desk.

The area inside the Hotel is popular for cycling, bike hire, and car hire. The Hotel offers a paid airport shuttle service.

Location: Jogikuti Butwal
Contact no: 071-420152



2. Hotel Palm International


You will get a Great discount at Hotel Palm International.

It provides a bar with Featuring a 24-hour front desk facility. Nuwakot is 9.3 km away from the Hotel.

The Hotel provides guests with air-conditioned rooms with a wardrobe, kettle, fridge, minibar, safety deposit box, flat-screen TV, terrace, private bathroom, and so on.

It offers a continental or buffet breakfast as well.

Most Couples particularly like the location, as they rated it 8.4 for a two-person trip.

Location: MilanChowk Butwal
Contact no: 071-532057



3. Club De Novo Hotel


Club De Novo Hotel is one of the famous hotels in Butwal.

It offers an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, Free WiFi access, air-conditioned room, including cable TV.

It has many facilities, including a meeting facility, a shared lounge, and luggage storage. It also offers free parking.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, is 35 km away from the city. The Butwal Bus Station is about 2 km, and you can enjoy the city view from the room.

Location: Kalika Nagar Butwal
Contact no: 071-438885



4. Hotel Avenue


Hotel Avenue offers the ultimate comfort and luxury. The 255 deluxe guest rooms are furnished with modern amenities like television & internet access.

International direct-dial phones & safes are also available, with a Wake-up call facility in each room.

Some Most Popular amenities are the Elevator in the building, Free WiFi, Free Parking, Air Conditioned, Airport Shuttle, Pet Friendly, Restaurant Inside, Wheelchair Friendly, etc.

Location: Golpark
Contact no: 071-533822


5. Darcy’s International Hotel


Darcy’s International Hotel provides various accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking & a bar.

The accommodation mainly offers a 24-hour front desk, room service, and organizing tours for guests.

The Hotel is 3-Star and offers an ATM & a concierge service too. All the units of the Hotel are equipped with a kettle.

Each&every room is fitted with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

Guests can enjoy a continental breakfast too. It provides an ironing service and business facilities like fax and photocopying.

✓  The Gautam Buddha International Airport is 24 km away from the Hotel.

Location: New Buspark
Contact no: 071-553800

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