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Chitlang: Top 5 Best places to visit in Chitlang



✓ Chitlang is one of the best places for those who aspire to tranquillity, as you get distant from the city’s rush and bustle in Thaha Municipality of Makawanpur District, Bagmati Province, Nepal. Hetuda is the headquarters of Makawanpur district, as well as Pradesh, headquarter surrounds an area of 2,426 square kilometers and had inhabitants 420,477 in 2011 and 461,053 in 2021. It was formerly part of the Narayani Zone which is situated in the Kathmandu district’s SouthWestern junction and includes several most suitable places to visit. The district was comprehended as Chisapani District during the Rana regime, and the district center was in Chisapanigadhi. The district was renamed Makwanpur after Makwanpurgadhi, and the centers were migrated to Hetauda, in 1982.

Chitlang is a unique terminus for tourism, which is accumulating particularly famous these days and is home to a digit of chronological sites, containing the Ashoka Stupa, a Buddhist monument dating ago to the 3rd century BC. The stupa is declared to be one of the most senior in Nepal, and it is one of the famous pilgrimage spots for Buddhists. Amshubarma had offered the land to herders and appointed compensation for herders in Toukhel, Nhulgaun, and Kunchhal of this village, according to the inscription. This village hosts considerable cultures with Newar, Tamang, and Brahmans.

The forest-clad hills around were covered and examined by the village neighborhood. The rich greenery contained: temperate combinations like pine, chillun (needlewood), phablet (oak), lapse (renowned for its small fruits called hog-plum), and katus (chestnut). Wealthy in flora and fauna, the forest brags more than 160 species of birdlife. Chitlang is also memorized for delectable peach husbandry.

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  The Etymology of Chitlang Village  


The etymology of Chitlang Village is a point of some argument which is considered that the name is emanated from the Newari word “Chitlang,” which means “stone stupa.”This is advocated by the truth that there is a large stone stupa in the town, which is accepted to have been constructed by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka.

Others accept that the name is emanated from the Newari word “chit,” which considers “short,” and “lang,” which considers “path.” This is advocated by the truth that Chitlang is situated on a trackway that guides from the Kathmandu Valley to the Terai region.

This Village is situated in the antique Newar accommodation. Descriptions dating back to the Licchavi era were discovered there and was a disorder among Nepali chroniclers about whether Licchavi King Udaydev. He was throned or not but the descriptions at Ganeshthan of this Village confirmed that he was pushed king at that time.

An inscription was found in Toukhel, former Ward 6 of Chitlang VDC, established by King Amshuverma. According to the inscription, Amshubarma had given the land to shepherds and established a settlement for shepherds in Toukhel, Nhulgaun, and Kunchhal of Chitlang. Some chroniclers accept that these people, called Gopalis are the offspring of sovereigns of the Gopal period.

Whatever the basis of the name, Chitlang is a stunning and historic village that is well worth a visit. The village is home to several temples, monasteries, and stupas, as well as a combination of traditional Newari villages.

Since Chitlang, for the most part, is inhabited by Balamis and the Gamals of Bhaktapur and Patan decline, the small town broadcasters similar Newari cultural festivals of Kathmandu each year, the Kartik Nach (the legendary dance performed in Patan, Lalitpur in Oct-Nov), the kojagrhat dance, Bhairab and Mahadev jatra and Khadga Jatra being the popular ones. Other minorities in Chitlang include Brahmin, Khas(Chhetri), and Tamangs.

Chitlang is the sooner and the greatest village in Nepal to assemble goat milk cheese. The goat cheeses, smooth and tough, trade-in star resorts and lunchrooms in Kathmandu.



  Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Chitlang  

the top 5 best places to visit in Chitlang village are:

  1. Satdhara  


✓ Satdhara is one of the iconic places in Chitlang with the seven-stone fixture with streaming dampness.

This is a series of seven biological springs that are said to have recovery effects. The springs are situated in a forest environment and are a famous place for swimming and picnicking.

If you are in Chitlang it just takes an hour’s trek(utmost) to get there, and while going there you get the possibility to see the nearby Newar society, their culture, course of life, and a tiny bit of nature trek.


  2. Bheda Farm  

Bheda Farm

✓  Bheda Farm is a consideration that is an open domain that is used for traditional Newari sports and festivals and is also one of the popular spots for birdwatching.

✓ You have an additional possibility than not noticing that panoramic exceptional layered spot in limitations of music recordings and bringing satisfied, does this area lie in Nepal, yes it’s in Nepal, and it’s Bedafaram.

An unequivocal necessity to visit the place which takes about a half hour to get there, can arrive effortlessly by wandering refined away, confer the surroundings on the off possibility that you don’t understand the street, they are frequently optimistic to help you.


  3. Swachhanda Bhairab Temple  

Swachhanda Bhairab Temple

Famous Swachhanda Bhairab temple is situated at the flank of a clean flowing river, around the forest, no human accommodation nearby, but the most beautiful and picturesque place.

This temple is devoted to the Hindu god Bhairava, who is a powerful divinity associated with security and devastation.

You can reverence, visit neighboring Khakhu-8, town( around 15 min from the sanctuary ), or in the possibility that you are assuming screaming bluster then do that too in the glow of the fact that fewer someones go there on a specific day.


  4. Markhu  


Markhu is one of the small villages situated in the hills beyond Chitlang, Nepal which is a famous terminus for hiking, biking, and trekking.

The village is comprehended for its traditional Newari civilization and its picturesque views.


  5. Shikhardham  

✓ Shikhardham is located at the most elevated point of Lamichhane village, this monastery  of Shiva is seen just the outdoors, tranquil, and from that point you can see the Chitlang that visit officeholders

Others regularly don’t accept you, it is at the most elevated point of Brahmin accommodation, you obtain the possibility to examine the way of life of someone there, an authentic town life, culture, and methods for Brahmin, a genuine face of Nepal.

This is a Hindu temple complex that is located at the top of a hill. The complex offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.



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