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Daman, Nepal: Top 5 best places to visit in Daman 



Daman is located 80 kilometers SouthWest of Kathmandu Valley, at a height of about 2100 meters, and situated on the Tribhuvan Highway. It lies between Kathmandu and the village of Birgunj in Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur District in Bagmati Provinces. It provides a significant opportunity for the people of Kathmandu Valley to honor its beauty. It is comprehended for its vantage establishment regarding the Himalayan peaks like Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Dorjelakpa, Gaurishankar, Choyu, etc. It has one of the grandest sights of the Himalayas, growing on a suitable day from Dhaulagiri in the West to Mount Everest in the Eastern.

✓ Daman is the real utopia destination in Nepal, with the grandest views of the Himalayas, which is one of the most beautiful tourist interests in the Country. This place is an actual sample of natural beauty where you can enjoy the scenic scenery of topography, hills, and snow-capped peaks. The grandest snow-capped mountains of the world increase further the hazy cloud and polish the skyline of this place. The natural beauty of Daman is fascinating sufficiently to draw a concentration of tourists from all over Nepal and different parts of the world. More than 90% of the people of this place are conditional on farming, and the rest of the people are in the resort trade and others.


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  History of Daman  


The history of Daman is a lengthy and assorted one.

Lord Shiva was grieving over the dead body of his dearest wife, Satidevi; according to the Hindu Puranas and holy textbooks, he was grumbling and taking his wife’s body from place to place.

the Malla dynasty destroyed Daman in the 14th century. The Mallas governed this place for over 200 years, and during this time, the village blossomed.

It was a prominent seat of knowledge and culture and was home to numerous temples, sanctuaries, and academies.

The Gorkha kingdom destroyed it in the 17th century and the Gorkhas governed this place for over 200 years, and during this time the town plunged in significance. It was not extended into a significant trading post, and its inhabitants refused.

It was redetected by British visitors, in the early 20th century. The village’s panoramic views of the Himalayas made it a famous terminus for British trekkers and highlanders. It became a prevalent tourist terminus for Nepalis as well, in the 1960s.

Travelers can even see the water streaming from between the two rocks and this holy place of Daman is subsequently comprehended as the Rikheshor Mahadev temple which is the old tale enveloping the past of this stunning residence.

There are a lot of resorts, and lodges available for your accommodation, and are several various types of rhododendrons here.


  Top 5 best places to visit in Daman, Nepal  


Here are the top 5 best places to visit in Daman:


  1. Chandragiri Hills  


Chandragiri Hill lies on the South-West of Kathmandu Valley which is about 2410m from sea level. Aviating peaks and stunning views of the whole Kathmandu Valley surrounded by a luxuriant green flora covering Chandragiri a significant bountiful and fresh topography.

The scenic sights of Kathmandu Valley & Himalayan vary from Annapurna to Everest making anyone sense like visiting the full of Nepal from this hill which offers one of the finest hiking/trekking near Kathmandu.

 Daman, Straddled 2322m beyond sea level, with obvious views to the North, East, and West, Daman boasts what is arguably the numerous breathtaking view of the Himalayas in the whole of Nepal.


  2. Dakshinkali Temple  

Dakshinkali Temple 

Dakshinkali temple is approximately 20km situated Southwest of Kathmandu which is also known as Dakshin Kali Temple or Dakshina Kali Temple.

 This is the site of a murderous repudiation practice that becomes uncastrated mannish pets like billy goats, buffalos, roosters, and ducks offered. This repudiation takes place to a large capacity in October at the Dashain Festival. The meat is then usually eaten at the neighboring breeze area.

It is a famous expedition place for Hindus from all over Nepal which is committed to the goddess Kali, who is a terrifying god associated with end and destruction. However, she is also seen as a guardian of the blameless and a basis of stability.


  3. Taudaha Lake  

Taudaha Lake  

The name of Taudaha Lake, arrives from a variety of Newari terms ‘Ta’, the definition of snake, and ‘Daha’, which indicates lake. The lake is considered to be a remnant collection of the massive lake that earlier lived where now the city of Kathmandu models.

It is a freshwater Lake which is a Buddhist mythological symbol Manjushree cut the hill in the gorge south, permitting the lake’s water to exhaust off, thereby making land that was duly settled by people.

It is one of the famous spots for boating, and swimming which is residence to a combination of birds, containing herons, egrets, and ducks. There are also several temples and sanctums situated around the lake.


  4. Shree Rikheshwar Mahadev Temple  

Shree Rikheshwar Mahadev Temple

✓ Shree Rikheeshwar Mahadev Temple stands as a holy Hindu sanctum dedicated to Lord Shiva which is ensconced within the viscous woods.

To reach this religious refuge, one must undertake an hour-long trek via the dense vegetation. The travels via the forest count an element of charm and experience to the spiritual occasions.

It is a Hindu temple situated in Daman which is one of the famous pilgrimage spots for Hindus from all over Nepal.


  5. Bagh Bhairab Temple  

Bagh Bhairab Temple

Bagh Bhairab Temple is situated in Kirtipur which is half an hour out and is approximately 8 kilometers from Ratnapark which is in front of Bir Hospital. The temple presents a stunning view of Kathmandu Valley at 1405 m elevated beyond sea level.

The main gate of this temple is on the Southern flank with two other entrances on the Eastern and Western sides. The top ceiling of the temple is of shiny copper and the other two ceilings are wrapped with tiles.

It is committed to the god Bhairava, who is a powerful god associated with security and strength which is a famous pilgrimage spot for Hindus from all over Nepal.


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