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Dharan, Nepal: Best 5 Tourist attractions places near Dharan 



Dharan lies at the foothills of the Mahabharata range North of the Terai province with a breathtaking naturalistic attractiveness that completes it one of Nepal’s most pleasing journey destinations.

It is a suburban city in Sunsari District of Province no 1 Nepal, which was founded as a fourth city in the Kingdom in 1958. After Biratnagar and Itahari this city is one of the most famous cities in Eastern Nepal.

 The usage of the base by British Gurkhas was completed in the mid-1990s. Dharan has an evaluated city population of 166,531, according to the 2021 Nepal census. It covers an area of about 192.6 square kilometers.

It has its tallest hill (near Bhedetar) of 1778m to its lower (at Tarahara) of 119m from the ocean deck. This place is founded by Ratna Prasad Shrestha.

The Nepali term “Dharan” represents a saw pit. Rich in natural magnificence and extraordinary geography, the city, is one of the ideal touristic goals with all types of facilities for visitors.

Dharan bazaar extended up about Phusre where the old walking path to Dhankuta and a considerable portion of the Eastern cliffs departed the flats with the upgrade of Sanghuri Danra.

✓ It is a city entire of cultural combinations. Most people living here are devotees of Buddhism and Kirat whereas multiple Hindu holy places popularly trust here along with Stupas and Gumbas.

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  About the Mayor of Dharan  

Harka Raj Rai

Independent contender Harka Raj Rai has been elected mayor of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City by securing 20,829 votes, as of 2022.

Harka Sampang Rai, the recently elected mayor, is also a pleasing singer and guitarist. After he gained the mayoral feat, his videos where he is noticed singing alongside recreating the auditory guitar are bearing viral on social media.

The 40-year-old Harka Sampang Rai has been a social activist in Dharan and also had  Malaysia for a couple of years as a transient employee.

He concatenated the auto-rickshaw business and agriculture after returning to Nepal.

Rai achieved popularity among citizens of Dharan during a campaign maintained for cracking the issue of drinking water.

Asian Development Bank prompted a project to solve the problem by digging a well in a nearby forest and bringing water by pumping.

He said, “I arrived out to clean the street myself because I want to build awareness among the people to keep their residences and surroundings neat.”

✓ He also said, “I desire to make Dharan the neatest city in the whole nation. Since I can’t do it on my own, I require the support of citizens here.”



  History of Dharan  

History of Dharan

The history of Dharan can be drafted before the 16th century when it was a little trading accommodation of the Miklung Kingdom of Limbuwan.

The area was dominated by the Gorkha Kingdom of Prithvi Narayan Shah, in the 18th century.

  This place is established as a smallish trading accommodation of the Chaubis or Miklung Kingdom of Limbuwan, in 1584.

In 1773, The last Limbu ruler of Limbuwan, Budhhi Karna Khebang, is slain in Dharan by the Gorkha military.

Chandra Shamsher establishes Chandranagar as the new town of that place in 1902.

The British Gurkha recruitment headquarters is outstretched in Dharan which also promoted the municipality development, in 1953.

 In 1962, Dharan evolves the zonal center of the Kosi Zone.

In 1993, The B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences is established in Dharan.

At present, this city becomes one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal and is the most popular destination that many tourists want to visit.



  Demographics of Daharan  

Demographics of Daharan 

Dhahran is a miscellaneous city with a considerable number of expatriate inhabitants. The plurality of the people is Muslim, but there are also consequential Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist juvenility.

The city is the residence of a numeral of colleges, containing King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) and the University of Dammam. It is also home to a digit of hospitals, schools, and shopping malls.

  Different kinds of languages.
Nepali 42.5%
Limbu 10.1%
 other smaller languages22.4%

  Different kinds of caste and ethnic groups.
caste and ethnic groupsPercentages
Hill Brahmin7.1%
 other various ethnic groups25.2%




  Best 5 Tourist Attractions places near Dharan   


  1. Bhedetar  



  2. Dharan Clock Tower  

Dharan Clock Tower 

The clock tower is one of the most interests of the Dharan which is standing in the center of the municipality.

✓ It is a unique climacteric in Dharan that was built in 1991. Its layout is near reaches the Clock Tower of Hong Kong.

Locally, It is terminated as “Ghantaghar” and is situated in Bhanuchowk in Dharan-ward no. 6.

The Clock Tower estimates about 76 feet elevated that stands over a 55 feet elevated pedestal which creates it appears taller.

People visit this Clock Tower for its attractive formation, architecture, and an incredible view of the city from the top.

✓ It is a distinguishable originality of Dharan which is completed below the twenty-year plan of the village on the desired value of Rs. Five,639,000.

The economic assistance is organized through Dharan Hong Kong Manch, a conference committee of Nepalese Immigrants most of the people from Dharan to Hong Kong and Macao.


  3. Dantakali Temple  

Dantakali Temple 

Dantakali Temple was constructed in praise of Goddess Parvati which is situated in Bijayapur Village found about 3 kilometers away from the base of Dharan city.

The interest is also believed to be a consequential Shakti Peeth.

This temple mainly draws believers to the experience of Dashain, which is an optimistic Hindu celebration that honors the achievement of good over evil.

According to a legend, behind the expiration of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva accepted her dead body on his shoulder and walked for days. Decayed regions of the goddess’ remains fell at several establishments.

This establishment, where the Dantakali Temple is constructed, is considered to house the holy teeth of Goddess Parvati. Hence the name, Dantakali where ‘danta’ indicates teeth and ‘kali’ represents the Goddess.

The temple carries first-rate non-secular significance for the Hindus and it’s leagues as one of the must-visit temples at some point during the Bada Dashain spectacular.


  4. Yalambar Community Park  

Yalambar Community Park  

Yalambar Park is one of the most tranquil places, covered by the biggest jungle which was founded by the retired Gurkha Soldiers in 2055 Bs.

✓ 175 people became customers of 27 hectares area grove. People made the idea of eco-tourism by creating Yalambar Community Park.

It is one of the best places for a picnic and school children to know by watching animals and plants. In the breeze season, it gets packed and has turned into a place of respite in the middle of disposition.

There is an inflexible building, a conference hall, a flowering park, a garden, a children’s park, a mini zoo, etc inside this area.

At the mini zoo, we can see different kinds of critters and birds like Anacondas, Peacocks, deer, Dhanesh, Huchil, etc.

There is also a man-made pond with additional types of fish. So people come here to watch blossoming eco-tourism. That’s why it belongs to the best spots to dwell in Dharan.


  5. Saptarangi Park  

Saptarangi Park

Saptarangi Park is also one of the best tourist interests and belongs to a variety of sightseeing.

It is one of the popular Parks in Dharan City which is famous as a picnic spot; the public arrives here to appreciate their vacations with their family, friends, and idealistic couples.

We can visit numerous birds and creatures like deer, ducks, peacocks, rabbits, etc.

We also see additional combinations of plants, so dwelling in this park is a recognized thing to do in Dharan, Nepal.



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