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Top 15 Famous food in Nepal



The most famous food in Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country in Asia named the Federal Democratic Republic the world’s youngest republic. Nepal is rich in culture, heritage, nature, tradition, & others. Agriculture is the main occupation: about 80% of, People of Nepal evolved in agriculture. People struggle very hard to cultivate food but they sell food at lower prices in foreign counties.

✓ Any substance which is consumed by people or organisms to gain nutrients. Food is that thing which is assumed by people or organisms to live for daily purposes. It is of animal, and plant, and contains nutrients, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, or minerals. Food is essential in our life to make our bodies healthy & active.

✓ In Nepal, there are many famous and best food which makes tourism exciting towards visiting Nepal. Nepali People have their traditional food.

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  Top 15 Famous Food in Nepal  


  1. Momos  


✓ Momo is known as the national food of Nepal, it is derived from Nepal’s Bhasa word momo that’s means cooking by steaming.

It is a kind of stream filled with wonton originating from the  Himalayan region popular in Nepal and other countries like India, Tibet, and Bhutan.

✓ It can be also cooked by deep frying and pan frying and served with an achar known as sauces. 


  2. Samosa  


✓ Samosa is one of the best food in Nepal also known as Singara, and is a deep-fried pastry with filling spiced potatoes, onions, peas, meat, or fish.

✓ It is very popular everywhere and is one of the most commonly eaten as breakfast in different countries: Nepal, Pakistan, India, and some parts other places.

It is made for festivals: Holi, and others. Also, it is shared as Street food, restaurants, and party snacks. 


  3. Pani Puri  

Pani Puri

✓ Pani Puri is another best & famous food which is a very delicious snack also known as fluke, phuchka, gup chup, and golgappa. 

It consists of a round hollow puri, filled with an Imli Pani, potato mash, chili powder, chat masala, onion, & others.

It is most common and popular as Nepali street food.


  4. Dal Bhat  

Dal Bhat

✓ Dal Bhat is the daily dish of Nepalese on daily days, is a traditional meal in Nepal that consists of steamed rice, & Dal.

It is trendy in Nepal, throughout the Himalayan region, India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh.

You can find this food in every local restaurant in Nepal, which is served with vegetable curry, pickle, curd, salad, roti, & other varieties.


  5. Khaja Set  

Khaja Set

Newari Khaja set is one of the famous food in Nepal which is considered as a snack.

There are different types of dishes: fried potatoes, pickled vegetables, shredded buffalo meat, chickpeas, chiura flatted rice, and roasted beans on one plate which has been decorated very nicely.

You also find this traditional food set in local restaurants, which is very delicious at lower prices.


  6. Chatamari  


Chatamari is also known as Nepali pizza which is beloved street food.

Its crust consists of rice flour & topping with various vegetables like onion, and tomatoes, and also made with some types of meat like chicken, and buffaloes.

It is also topped with eggs & cheese which is cooked on the stove.


  7. Thukpa  


In the cold highlands of Nepal, thukpa is a very famous food that is also known as warming soup.

It contains noodles, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, serranos, cumin, and oil, and is processed until it becomes a smooth soup.

This food is one of the best famous food in Nepal, Bhutan, Assam, and Ladakh region.


  8. Sel Roti  

Sel Roti

Sel Roti is a traditional Nepalese food that is in a ring shape and made from rice flour with added flavor.

It is very popular in Nepal as a breakfast, which is mostly prepared during the festivals like Dashain, and Tihar, mainly in the Hindu festival.

Its shape is compared to the donuts.


  9. Fried Rice  

Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a famous food that is loved by tourists in local areas.

It contains long-grained rice, a mixture of warm peas, carrots, and onions with eggs mixed all together which gives the best combination.

In Nepal you will find it Everywhere.


  10. Yomari  


Yomari is one of the famous food which is also known as Yamari in the Newari community in Nepal.

It is a kind of stream made up of rice flour, & sweet filled with chaku, khuwa, nuts, & ghee.

✓  It is the symbol of Saraswati and wisdom which plays a very important role in Newari society.


  11. Dhido  


✓ Dhido is also known as Dhindho Thali which is a traditional meal in Nepal.

It is cooked by mixing flour with boiling water and is also a meal mainly in the Tamang community. 

It is the diet of the rural areas and is eaten with ghee, vegetable curries, pickles, and buttermilk.


  12. Gundruk  


It is considered the national food of Nepal, which is often accompanied by Dhido.

It is trendy in Gorkhali or Nepalese Diaspora in Households also in India, Bhutan, Myanmar, and other places.

It is an important source of minerals which is prepared in this manner is tastier, more flavorsome, and more acidic.


  13. Choila  


✓ Choila is also known as Chhwela or Chhoyela which consists of spiced grilled buffalo meat. 

It is a typical Newari food using duck meat or normal meat.

It is very famous during festivals and is served with rice flakes.


  14. Chatpate  


✓ Chatpate is one of the most popular street food in Nepal & India it is a crunchy oil-free food that is filled with several veggies & spices. 

In Nepal people used it as a snack that contains puffed rice, dried instant noodles, fresh coriander, tomato, cucumber, onion, potato, peas, lemon juice, & fresh chili.

when you try it you will experiences spiciness, sweetness, and more in one bite, which is less in price.


  15. Wo or Bara  


✓ It is commonly known as Pancake and can make from lentils like black lentils, green lentils, or any other type.

Newari community uses this occasionally from Kathmandu Valley which is cooked in Pan or Tawa.

For eating it is best when it is served hot.




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