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Gulmi ( Nepal ) : Best Tourists Destinations, Culture & Religions in Gulmi



Gulmi’s name comes from the Sanskrit word ”gulma”, that means ”containment”. It is a hilly district which lies in Lumbini Province.

Tamghas is the headquarters of the Gulmi.

It covers an area of 1149 square kilometers and has a population of about 280000 people.

Gulmi district shares a boundary with the  Syangja and Parbat districts on the eastern side, Pyuthan on the western, Palpa and Arghakhanchi on the southern, and Baglung on the northern side.

It is known as the coffee hub of Nepal. 



  1. Best Tourists Destinations in Gulmi  

Some of the popular tourist destinations in Gulmi are given below:


  a. Resunga Hill  

resunga gulmi

It is a popular hiking destination located in Resunga Municipality.

At the top of Resunga Hill, there is a Pashupati Siwalaya Temple that is believed to grant the wishes of devotees.

✓ It is the best tourist place for hiking and trekking.

There is a high viewpoint at the top from where you can view the surroundings and mountains like; Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Machhapuchre, etc.


  b. Ruru Kshetra  


It is a religious and cultural place located in the trijunction of Gulmi, Palpa & Syangja.

Ridi Rishikesh Temple ( Lord Shiva Temple ) lies in Ruru Kshetra. This temple is considered a sacred Hindu, attracting thousands of pilgrims and visitors annually.

✓ You can enjoy Ridi Mela for three days during Maghe Sankranti ( Magh 1  to Magh 3 ), 1st day is known as Jethi Sankranti, 2nd day is known as Maili Sankranti and 3rd day is known as Kanxi Sankranti.

  c. Badri Narayan Temple  


It is a famous Hindu temple located in Tamghas.

It is Bishnu Temple, constructed by the local king named Mukunda Sen.


  d. Tree House  

Tree House

It is located at Unayachaur, Ward no- 7, Resunga Municipality, Gulmi, which is almost 6 km away from Tamghas City.

It is part of a park in Unayachaur Bagmati Temple. People go there for worshiping and picnic purposes as well.

✓ From the top of the tree house, we can enjoy the vibe by seeing snowcap mountains, green hills, and the beautiful Tamghas Bazaar.


  e. Kapase Dhara  

It is a scenic waterfall located at the Isma Rural Municipality of Gulmi, about 35 kilometers from Tamghas.

✓ The Kapase River forms this waterfall. It is about 200 meters tall and is considered one of Nepal’s tallest waterfalls.

It is a popular destination for hiking and trekking purposes.

It is also a popular picnic spot for locals peoples.


   f. Gywaa Kshetra  

It is a religious site located in the Musikot municipality of Gulmi, which is about 54 kilometers away from Tamghas.

It is rich in biodiversity, having different species of birds, animals & plants, which provide the best vibes for the tourists.


  g. Madan Pokhara 

Madan Pokhara

It is a scenic lake located in the Resunga Rural municipality of Gulmi, which is about 25 kilometers away from Tamghas.

It offers stunning views of mountains and is a popular tourist destination for boating and fishing.

✓ It is also known as the best place for paragliding in Gulmi.


  i. Charpala Durbar  


✓ It is an ancient historical palace that is now transformed into a temple.

✓ It is full of natural beauty, ancient art, and crafts.

You can enjoy the classic view of this Durbar.


  j. Kurga Malika Temple 


✓ There is a religious temple known as the deaf temple.

✓ Most people visit Kurga Malika Temple on the occasion of ”Purnima Mela”.


  k. Chhatrakot Temple  


✓ It is located in the Chhatrakot Rural Municipality, ward-6 in Gulmi.

In the month of Chaitra, people play a kind of sword game called Saraye in Sanskrit.

There is also a Ram Mandir on the other side of the Chhatrakot temple. There is also a giant tower.


  l. Timure Taal  

Timure Taal

✓  It is located in the Santipur Rural Municipality, Gulmi, and lies at the top of the hills of Santipur.

✓  It offers stunning hills and boating for tourists.

✓ It is also the best place to hang out with a friend and is famous as a picnic spot.



  2. Culture & Religions  

Gulmi is rich in Cultural & Religion Diversity. Some information regarding culture & religion are:

Major religionpercentage


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