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How to dress for a Wedding?



How to dress for a wedding is a topic of curiosity nowadays since a wedding is a beautiful ceremony that signifies the union of two individuals in love. It represents a lifelong commitment that is legally, morally, and socially binding.

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 What not to do while attending the wedding ceremony? 

How to dress for a Wedding

✔ If you are planning to attend someone’s wedding, then make sure to:


Don’t wear full black:

✔ Wearing a black dress is often considered inappropriate, as it is traditionally associated with mourning and funerals.


Don’t wear full white:

✔ Try to avoid wearing white, cream, or ivory to weddings because it may outshine the bride.


Ignoring cultural and religious dress codes:

✔ Ignoring cultural and religious dress codes may go against expected norms, but dress codes can also limit the expression of beliefs.


Wearing too short or unclassic:

✔ When discussing too-short dresses, Wearing dresses that reveal problematic areas during wedding ceremonies and receptions is unsuitable for such occasions.


Ignoring the basic information about weddings:

✔ Consider the event’s time and place with the organizer to have a stress-free wedding.



 What to wear at a wedding as a guest? 

How to dress for a Wedding

✔ Selecting the perfect outfit is crucial for attending a wedding or any other event as a female guest and literally for male guests.

✔ Fortunately, we have some fantastic ideas to help you dress appropriately and confidently.



 1. i. Dressing for a Hindu wedding as a guest 

✔ Before a wedding, there are various ceremonies since you have to prepare for various ceremonies and events as a Hindu wedding guest.

✔ Women should consider traditional Asian wedding attire, such as saris or lehengas, while men should opt for long-sleeved tunics and pants.

✔ Demonstrating respect by wearing appropriate colors and covering your body is vital.

✔ Men mostly wear a kurta and slim pants for the wedding ceremony, while a black or navy bandh gala jacket with formal trousers would be suitable for the sangeet.


 ii. Dressing being a Hindu bride 

How to dress for a Wedding

✔ During Hindu weddings, it is customary for the groom’s family to give the bride’s wedding attire, which is known as a shogun.

✔ The bride typically wears a wedding sari or lehenga in red.

✔ As a crucial element of the ceremony, the groom places a necklace of black and gold beads around the bride’s neck.

Mangala sutra is a type of necklace that invokes the blessings of the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, Lakshmi, to protect and bless the bride throughout her marriage.



 2. i. Dressing for a Christian wedding as a guest 

✔ If you are attending a Christian wedding, you must dress modestly and respectfully.

✔ Men wear a suit with appropriate footwear.

✔ Conversely, females must select outfits with modest necklines, hems, and covered shoulders.

✔ For a casual church wedding, a short-sleeved sundress that falls just below the knee or a relaxed linen suit would be fitting.

✔ Formal attire such as a full-length silk gown and black tailored suit could be perfect for a more traditional wedding.

✔ It’s worth noting that semi-formal attire is widely accepted.


 ii. Dressing being a Christian bride 

How to dress for a Wedding

✔ The bride traditionally wears a white dress at Christian weddings, symbolizing peace and purity.

✔ The dress style can vary, but it is typically all white.

✔ The bride may choose to wear a veil but not a requirement.

✔ At weddings, it’s common for the bride to don a stunningly crafted, long gown, while the groom typically opts for smart, formal attire.

✔ As for accessories, a tiara and other headpieces may be worn at her discretion.


 3. i. Dressing for an Islam wedding as a guest 

✔ If you are attending a Muslim wedding, then wear the dress modestly and conservatively that may show respect for them.

✔ Women must wear long dresses and cover their hair with a hijab, while men are expected to wear a collared shirt and long pants.

✔ It’s good to avoid tight-fitting clothing, and removing the shoes before entering the mosque is good.


 ii. Dressing being an Islam bride 

How to dress for a Wedding

✔ Most Islamic Brides select long dresses in muted or bright colors, often richly embellished.

✔ They also wear a headscarf or hijab as per their tradition.

✔ The brides wear heavily pleated lehenga in a bright hue, traditionally adorned with various shades of red, and paired with a gold-embroidered blouse.

✔ When it comes to wedding attire, Islamic brides tend to opt for traditional dresses such as Lehnga choli, Floor-length frocks, Maxi frocks, Bridal gowns, Sharara-kurta, Bridal Sari, Bridal red velvet, Wedding Sharara, Bridal Ghagra, and Anarkali Frocks, among others.



 4. i. Dressing for a Buddhist wedding as a guest 

✔ For the comfort and respect of everyone present, wearing black or white to refrain and be modest attire is perfect.

✔ Women are mostly encouraged to wear long skirts and dresses that cover entire bodies, while men should wear long pants and collared shirts.


 ii. Dressing being a Buddhist bride 

How to dress for a Wedding

✔ In a Buddhist wedding ceremony, the bride and groom must wear culturally perfect attire that shows respect.

✔ Although there is no specific dress code, the bride mostly dons a Bhaku, a brocade dress similar to a full-length sarong.

✔ Choosing conservative yet tasteful fabrics ensures that the shoulders, upper arms, and cleavage are covered with a scarf or loose-fitting jacket.

✔ Buddhist weddings are typically understated and modest since the bridal dress is usually white or cream-colored.








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