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10 ICT Tools with Uses & Diverse Applied Fields



ICT stands for Information and communication technologies, interpreted as a sundry set of technological tools and materials commonly used to transfer, store, create, and exchange information.

Personal computers, digital television, email, and robots are well-known examples of ICT tools.

✓ ICT is only a way to store, retrieve, regulate, transfer, and receive digital data.

ICT is now day by day becoming the essential organ of human beings since it facilitates outstanding communication, expands productivity, simplifies business operations, and enables innovation and collaboration in numerous sectors.

ICT motivates students to work collaboratively and enhances the power of teamwork among students and many more.

Projects can be run conjointly using forums and exchanging documents in virtual learning environments.

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  Major ICT Tools: 

 1. Computers 

ICT Tools

A computer is an electronic device used to store and process data in a binary form according to the instruction given by a variable program.

A modern digital computer can perform diverse operations considered programs that enable a computer to run a wide range of tasks.

Computer networks and computer clusters can link various computers simultaneously to perform certain functions.

Computers have become the heart of human beings since, without using them, we can do nothing.

A computer is a rewarding ICT tool that helps every people to enhance productivity, uplift knowledge, and to get entertained.

Business, Education, Entertainment, Engineering, science, and technology are some primarily applied fields of computers.

Components of computers:

Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)

Control unit

Memory unit

Input and Output devices


 2. Laptops 

ICT Tools

A laptop is a small-sized notebook computer, i.e., a portable personal computer (PC).

Its functions are the same as a computer but are small compared to computers and can easily be kept in a bag.

Most modern laptops have a touchscreen, microphone, built-in webcam, etc.

It has an internal battery and external power supply to power easily and comfortably.

Laptops are lighter than desktop computers and are specially designed to be portable and user-friendly.

It is a miracle for students, business professionals, travelers, and many more.

Advantages are:


Better battery life


Disadvantages are:

Less potent than desktop computers

Difficult to upgrade than desktop computers

Quite smaller durability than desktop computers


 3. Printers 

ICT Tools

A printer is the best ICT tool or suitable hardware device that generates text and images on paper.

It is a primary output device linked with computers and laptops.

printers can be used to initiate a variety of documents, photos, and other components.

The benefits of printers are:






 4. Scanners 

ICT Tools

A scanner is an ICT tool that transforms images and text into a digital format.

Scanners are used in various fields like homes, businesses, and schools.

It is versatile and one of the most essential tools for us.

To copy and save documents, digitize photos, and create electronic documents, a scanner is a must-useful device.

Benefits of Scanner:

It helps to save spaces

It makes workflow easier since it assists users in accessing documents easily

It creates digital copies of documents that help protect documents

It enhances productivity


 5. Software Programmes 

ICT Tools

A software program is a marshall of instructions instructing a computer to perform a specific task.

Software programs are essential to a computer’s function since they instruct computers to perform tasks like word processing, spreadsheet analysis, and web browsing.

Types of software programs:

Operating system

Application software

System Software

Utility software

Benefits of Software programs:

User-friendly for computers

Enhance productivity

Expands Efficiency

Grants entertainment

Helpful for other software programs


 6. Data projector 

ICT Tools

A data projector is an output device of an ICT tool that projects an image from a computer and another device on a screen and wall.

Data projectors are versatile and functional tools that can be used for various purposes.

It is a beneficial device to get a better audience impression in various fields such as business, entertainment, education, etc.

It assists anyone in increasing the visibility, clarity, and portability of their presentations and content.


 7. Interactive teaching box 

ICT Tools

An interactive teaching box is a great device that uses perfect technology to increase students’ learning engagement.

It is the best device to deliver lessons, convey feedback, and enhance student understanding.

Interactive teaching boxes are the most rewardable tool for teachers.

Features of interactive teaching box:


Audio and video



Assessment tool

Benefits of Interactive Teaching Tools

Helpful for student’s practical learning activities

Enhance student engagements

Increase teacher’s Efficiency

Expands teaching learning productivity


 8. Television 

ICT Tools

For the past 70 years, television has become an essential part of human lives.

Television is a perfect way to stay connected with relevant news and current events, relax, be entertained, and become socialized.

Benefits of Television:

For entertainment

To be updated with news



Brand awareness


 9. Telephone 

ICT Tools

A telephone is a telecommunication device used to communicate with people over a distance.

The telephone is an iconic invention of the 20th century since it makes it very easy to communicate with people each other.

Uses of Telephones:

Personal communications

Business communications

Emergency services

Customer Services



 10. Radio 

ICT Tools

Radio is an ideal medium of mass communication that transmits information through sound waves.

It is the oldest and most popular mass media form.

Radio waves are similar to light waves but have a much longer wavelength.

The modulation is one way that allows people to hear radio broadcasts.

Benefits of Radio:





Emergency Communication



 Diverse Applied Field of ICT Tools: 


1. E-Commerce 

ICT offers services like:

ICT tools help to reach a wider audience by making the product and services available online.

It helps to better payment gateways

It offers a great order management system

It helps with the systematic management of customer’s data and pieces of information

It assists in making better customer relationship



 2. E-governance 

ICT offers services like:

Enhance transparency

Expand Efficiency

Uplifts citizen participation

Assists in reaching the services

Offers Email and online payment, voting, and application services


 3. Banking 

ICT offers services like:

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) services

Online banking

Mobile banking

Fund Detection software



 4. Agriculture 

ICT offers services like:

Remote sensing

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Precision agriculture

Automated Irrigation



 5. Education 

ICT offers services like:


Internet services

Mobile devices

Educational Services



 6. Medicine 

ICT offers services like:


Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

3D printing



 7. Defense 

ICT offers services like:

Command and control system

Situational awareness system

Communication system

Target identification and tracking system

Training simulators


 8. Transport 

ICT offers services like:

Fleet management system

Traffic management system

Intelligent transportation system (ITS)

Smart cards

Mobile apps



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