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Lumbini ( NEPAL ): The best temple & monasteries to visit in Lumbini



Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage which is located in the Rupendehi District of Lumbini Province in Nepal. Lumbini is situated in the Terai plains of southern, which was erected by the Mauryan Emperor Asoka in 249 BC.

 According to Buddhist traditions, Queen Mayadevi gave birth to the Siddhartha Gautam Buddha in 623 BC in that place. Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was born in the famous gardens of Lumbini as soon as it become a place of Buddhist pilgrimage.

It has several many temples which include theMayadevi Temple, and many other new temples by Buddhist organizations from other countries, or are still other temples under construction.

Many museums, monasteries, and monuments are within the holy place. Also, there is Puskarini, the Holy Pond where Buddha had his first bath. For pilgrims, Lumbini is the best holiest place to visit.

✓ It was made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO which is about 260 kilometers far away from Kathmandu and 169 kilometers from Pokhara, a 1-hour drive to Nepal India border Sunauli and a 4-hour drive to Gorakhpur railway station.  Only one airport is 25 kilometers far away from Lumbini which is at Bhairawa.

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  The best temple & monasteries to visit in Lumbini  


  1. Maya Devi temple  

Maya Devi Temple

It is the main sacred hub in Lumbini where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to the Siddhartha Gautam Buddha.

It is known for the main temple at Lumbini which is the UNESCO world heritage site in Nepal.

Traditionally, this temple is determined the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.

It is 30 km far away from the central city of Lumbini.


  2. Ashoka Pillar  

Ashoka Piller

It is near the Maya Devi temple, which is ancient ruins of stupas.

It is named by the chief of the Nepalese Army General Khadag Sumsher Janga Bahadur Rana of the authority of the Nepalese government.

It was erected as a mark of respect by Ashoka when he visited Lord Buddha’s place of birth and decided to accept Buddhism.


  3. Bodhi Tree  

Bodhi Tree

 It is decorated with Buddhist flags.

 It is located on the site of the Maya Devi temple & in front of Holy Pond. Buddhist Monks sit there & meditate.

 The Bodhi Tree is still alive, still green leaves, but its branches & barkless are & rotten.


  4. Holy Pond  

Holy Pond

  It is believed to be bathed by Maya Devi before giving birth and Buddha was taken purification bath after birth.

 It is located in front of the Maya Devi temple in Lumbini.

 It is also 33km far away from the center.


  5. World Peace Pagoda  

World Peace Pagoda

 It is also known as Biswa Shanti StupaBuddhist monument also known as Nipponzan Peace Pagoda.

 It was constructed by the Japanese Buddhists at the cost of millions of US$.

 The distance to reach the Maya Devi temple from Pagoda is about 3.2 km.

 The stupa of Pagoda is whitewashed & the floor is stone-paved.


  6. Chinese Monastery  

Chinese Monastery

It is popularly known as Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery, also known as China Temple.

This impressive structure is constructed with a Pagoda-style of architectural design.

This monastery is one of the most impressive structures in Lumbini which is an oasis of peace & joy.


  7. Royal Thai Monastery   

Royal Thai Monastery

It is a white monastery which is located in the Eastern Monastic.

It is a stunning Thai Monastery Style that is dedicated to Buddhist practices.

It is an international monastery built in Nepal which is founded by the government of Thailand.


  8. German Monastery   

German Monastery

It is located next to Lotus Pond which is behind the Chinese Temple.

It is a Tibetan Buddhist temple where there is no German monk inside.

It is one of the 32 monasteries which is surrounded by a beautiful garden with the Lord Buddha and his student statue also called the great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa.


  9. Sri Lankan Monastery  

Sri Lankan Monastery

It is a beautiful monastery also known as Sri Lankan Temple which is established by the Sri Lanka Buddhists.

It gives acumen to the life of Gautam Buddha and is also important to the region.

This Monastery holds several events and practices.

If you want to explore the association you must visit this Monastery.


  10. South Korean Temple  

South Korean Temple

It is also known as Dae Sung Shakya which is nice to feel the nature and beauty of the Lumbini.

This impressive structure is constructed in the Korean style of architecture.


  11. European Monastery  

European Monastery

It is also known as the Austrian Temple whose purpose is to promote the pure view & the mediate taught by the Lord Buddha.

The whole setting of the Monastery is very simple but very clean.


  12. Singapore monastery  

Singapore monastery

 Urgen Dorjee Choling Buddhist Center, Singapore Temple which is a very beautiful artistic Buddhist monastery.


  13. Canadian monastery  

Canadian monastery

It is also known asThrangu Vajra Vidya Monastery because it is sponsored by  Vajra Vidya Buddhists associated with Vancouver, Canada. 

This Monastery is dedicated to Thrangu Rinpoche. He believed in creating his principles on peace, knowledge, and unity.


  14. Myanmar Golden Temple  

Myanmar Golden Temple

It is located in the East Monastic Zone which is one of the oldest structures in the Lumbini.

It is constructed in the Burmese architecture style which is dedicated to Lord Buddha.

It is in a corncob-shaped shikhara having three prayer halls and a Lokamani Pula Pagoda inside the temple.


  15. Cambodian Monastery  

Cambodian Monastery

It is constructed by the famous Angkor Wat which is one of the most captivating temples in Lumbini in which outer walls are compounded with intricate design.

It is designed in Cambodian style using dragons, and flowers surrounded by square railing each having four 50 m green snakes.


  16. Lumbini Museum   

Lumbini Museum

Lumbini Museum is designed by Kenzo Tange, the Japanese architect.

Generally, this is designed to show the significance of the place as the birthplace of Buddha.

Fantastic artworks & statues are showing the importance of Buddha.




According to the immigration office at the Nepal-India border point, In 2023, Thai tourists are at the top of the visitor list, around 8,800. In 2019, Sri Lankan had of the topped visitor around 10,500.




From Kathmandu, 10-hour drive to reach Lumbini, and from Bhairawa, 30 min drive. The nearest airport for Lumbini is Gautam Buddha International Airport from where we can arrive at the Garden within 15 minutes. The nearest border crossing from Lumbini is Sunauli, which is situated around 30 km away. The closest biggest city is known as Grokhpur.



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