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Top 15 World’s Most Luxury Trains



This article highlights the absolute pinnacle of luxury train travel, showcasing the most opulent trains in the world. These trains boast unparalleled amenities, lavish accommodations, and an unmatched travel experience.

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 What are the advantages of luxury trains? 

The advantages of luxury trains are given below in the following points:

✔ It has more extensive and more spacious cabins.

✔ You will have access to a multitude of onboard features.

✔ The service provides unparalleled tours and experiences that will impress any traveler.

✔ It provides unparalleled amenities and lavish accommodations.




 Some Intriguing Pieces of Information and Facts 

✔ The Trans-Siberian Express stands as the undisputed champion of luxury train travel, boasting the longest route in the world.

✔ The Majestic Tourist Trains and Buddha Express are often considered the most affordable train options.

✔ The Orient Express is the oldest and most esteemed luxury train in the world.

✔ Switzerland undoubtedly boasts the most exceptional train stations.

✔ The Maharajas Express holds the title of the most expensive train journey in the world.



 Top 15 World’s Most Luxury Trains 


 15. The Flying Scotsman 

Luxury Train

✔ The Flying Scotsman, a passenger train service constructed in Doncaster in 1923, is the first steam locomotive to attain a speed of 100mph while in operation.

✔ The achievement was officially documented in 1934, cementing the train’s historical place.

Major services are:

✔ holds a world record for non-stop run in a steam locomotive



 14. The Pride of Africa (Rovos Rail) 

Luxury Train

✔ The Pride of Africa is a magnificent and luxurious train consisting of approximately 20 historic carriages, considered among the best in Africa.

Major services are:

✔ A lounge

✔ Two dining cars

✔ A smoking club lounge and observation car

✔ All air-conditioned

✔ Dining cars with up to 42 seats

✔ A lounge car with up to 26 seats

✔ Small gift shop

✔ Smoking lounge up to 11 seats with observation car up to 32 seats

✔ Open-air balcony


 13. Eastern & Oriental Express 

Luxury Train

✔ The Eastern & Oriental Express is a luxurious train that hosts numerous significant historical events and meetings throughout its rich history.

✔ The train provides many amenities and primarily serves passengers from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Major services are:

✔ Freestanding chair, luxurious sofa, and an armchair

✔ Presidential Suite

✔ Dining Cars

✔ Observation Lounge Car

✔ Piano Bar Car

✔ Saloon Car

✔ Air conditioning

✔ Luxury toiletries

✔ Hairdryers

✔ Onboard services and entertainment are available 24/7

✔ A coffee machine and tea station are readily provided in the suite

✔ Narumi crafted authentic bone china teacups



 12. The Deccan Odyssey 

Luxury Train

✔ The Deccan Odyssey is a luxurious train in India inspired by the Palace on Wheels train.

✔ The introduction of the Maharashtra route by the Indian Railways aimed to boost tourism.

Major services are:

✔ Luxurious guest cabins

✔ Multi-cuisine restaurantnt

✔ Bar and Lounge

✔ Conference car

✔ Health spa

✔ Air conditioning

✔ Dining Car

✔ Saloon

✔ Mini Gymnasium

✔ Bar car

✔ Dining Car


 11. South Africa Blue Train 

Luxury Train

✔ The Blue Train in South Africa is a luxurious mode of transportation that offers exceptional services to its passengers.

Major services are:

✔ Luxury suites

✔ Elegant lounges

✔ Fine dining

✔ Boutique jewelry shop

✔ Individually air-conditioning

✔ Remote-controlled television monitor

✔ DVD player and DVDs

✔ Telephone, room safes, and hairdryers


 10. Belmond Andean Explorer 

Luxury Train

✔ The Belmond Andean Explorer, boasting a capacity of up to 48 passengers, stands as the premier luxury sleeper train in South America.

Major services are:

✔ Experience the thrill of high-altitude adventures in style

✔ Spectacular views

✔ Explore places of interest with guided excursions.

✔ Experience the unmatched taste of Peruvian haute cuisine, perfectly paired with an exquisite selection of wines

✔ Onboard spa services

✔ Embark on an unforgettable adventure across the vast Andean plains and make special memories that will stay with you forever. Plains and create memories that will last a lifetime


 9. Hiram Bingham 

Luxury Train

✔ The Hiram Bingham train provides a lavish and exclusive means of travel catering to a maximum of 85 passengers.

✔ Its all-inclusive services guarantee an unforgettable experience.

✔ The model was exquisitely designed, featuring large windows, plush cloth seats, wooden fiber tables, sofas, high-quality stereo sound, air conditioning, and other amenities for comfort and convenience.



 8. Palace on Wheels 

Luxury Train

✔ The Palace on Wheels is an opulent tourist train introduced by Indian Railways, offering many remarkable amenities and facilities.

✔ The establishment has four chambers with twin beds and a deluxe air-conditioned salon that can accommodate up to 14 people.

Major services are:

✔ Channel Music

✔ Intercom

✔ Attached toilets

✔ Running hot and cold water

✔ Shower

✔ Wall-to-wall carpeting

✔ Numerous other top-notch facilities


 7. Rocky Mountaineer 

Luxury Train

✔ The Rocky Mountaineer is renowned for its luxurious train experience, featuring oversized glass-dome windows that offer breathtaking views.

✔ Experience an awe-inspiring journey across western Canada and the American southwest, where you’ll be captivated by the spectacular sights of the Canadian Rockies.

✔ Canadian history’s longest passenger train has been deemed the most beloved.



 6. Belmond Royal Scotsman Train 

Luxury Train

✔ This luxurious overnight train runs in Scotland and was first introduced in 1985.

✔ This train can accommodate up to 36 guests and provides journeys of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 nights around the Scottish highlands.

✔ The train provides a variety of amenities, including cozy sofas and armchairs, private cabins, a dining car, and a bar car. Additionally, excursions are available to explore castles, distilleries, and historical sites.


 5. Golden Chariot 

Luxury Train

✔ The Golden Charikot is a luxury train manufactured by Indian Railways in 2008.

✔ The accommodation includes 44 guest cabins, 17 double-bed cabins, 26 twin-bed cabins, and one suitable for disabled guests.

✔ Every cabin has air conditioning, an LCD television, a writing desk, a private bathroom, a wardrobe, and other amenities.


 4. Venice Simplon-Orient Express 

Luxury Train

✔ Experience a luxurious journey across Europe with the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, a train that provides impeccable service for an unforgettable travel experience.

Major services are:

✔ Double and twin configurations are available.

✔ Experience luxury with our en-suites boasting a generously spacious marble design.

✔ Comfortable seating area.

✔ It offers customized bathrobes, towels, and slippers.

✔ Free-flowing champagne.

✔ You can enjoy a private dining experience in your cabin.

✔ 24-hour butler service.

✔ Dual voltage plugs.


 3. Seven Stars Kyushu 

Luxury Train

✔ The Seven Star Kyushu is a top-tier luxury sleeper train that offers a range of seasonal journeys and has been in operation since October 2013 in Japan, managed by the Kyushu Railway Company.

Major services are:

✔ A sleeping area

✔ A sitting area

✔ A private bathroom with shower and toilet facilities

✔ A dining and lounge cars

✔ A wheelchair accessible


 2. Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express 

Luxury Train

✔ The Trans Siberian Express, known as the Golden Eagle, is a private train offering luxurious deluxe accommodations. The service is flawless, with impeccable comfort and unparalleled style.

Major services are:

✔ The new private train with 21 carriages

✔ Two stylish restaurant car

✔ A welcoming bar car

✔ All 12 sleeping cars are full en suite

✔ DVD/CD player

✔ Audio system

✔ Individual air conditioning

✔ A wardrobe and recessed lighting


 1. Maharajas’ Express Train 

Luxury Train

✔ The Maharajas Express Train is undoubtedly the epitome of luxury travel, offering unparalleled services, opulent interiors, and top-notch amenities.

✔ The train boasted unparalleled luxury on a global scale, offering an array of opulent amenities, including exquisite cuisine, gold-plated cutlery, crystal glassware, plush seating, an extensive library, and a private bar.

✔ While on the train, passengers must not miss the many advanced technologies available. These include satellite channels, LCD TVs, internet access, climate control, and numerous other features.



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