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Murabba: How to make Mango Murabba?



Especially an Arabic word, ‘murabba’ is nothing but a sweet preserve made with berries or fruits, spices, and sugar. It can be classified under candied fruits and is a popular way of conserving in the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, and South Caucasus. It is also known to possess therapeutic properties and also can be prepared both in a dry and wet way. Thus, in India, it is believed to have a type of uses as folk and traditional medicine.

 Murabba reduces menstrual cramps, and if taken for three months in a row, it can nearly eliminate menstrual cramps in the future. Some of the fruits that can be turned into a murabba contain Indian gooseberry (amla), mango, winter melon, apple, plum, apricot, and quince.

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   About Mango Murabba  



I have no guilt in naming myself a mango maniac and feel sad for all those people who are incapable to savor this captivating fruit due to some other cause. They are skipping out on a sensual, sweet natural gift from Mother Nature.

A similar variant to the Aam Ka Murabba is the excessively popular Aam Chunda, a special from Gujarati cooking. The difference is that the chunda is spiced with red chili powder and the murabba is not spiced with red chill.

Mango murabba is a sweet and savory Indian preserve made with raw mangoes, sugar, and spices which is a popular winter dainty in India as well as Nepal and is usually served as a snack. Mango murabba is also a good source of vitamin C and fiber.

There is just one more component that goes in the recipe which is sugar. It is cooked till a jamish texture is achieved and you get a finger-licking sweet and sour practice.

Aam Ka Murabba is a super flavoring with Chapati, Thepla, Aalo Paratha, Khichidi, Dal Fry with steamed rice, or any delightful North Indian feast. You can also savor the tastiness of this preserve as a snack after your feasts.



  Ingredients for Mango Murabba  


Raw mangoes500 grams
Sugar1 kg
Green cardamoms, crushed10-11
 Black pepper powder1/2 teaspoon
Salt1/2 teaspoon



  How to make Mango Murabba?  


  Prepare a mangoes  



You should wash the mango and remove the limbs and flush and brush parched the raw unripe mangoes. Then, peel them.

Grind the mangoes. I used 500-gram raw mangoes for mango murabba.


✓ Take a large saucepan and combine mangoes, sugar about 1kg or as your taste and powdered cardamom about 10-11, and cinnamon sticks.


You can add enough water to cover the mangoes and switch on the heat. Mix the mango-sugar mixture very well.


You should lower the heat to down and steam for about 2 hours, or until the mangoes are soft and the syrup has congealed.

Churn often so that the sugar does not consolidate and keeps on steaming the mixture.


You will see the mixture bubbling when the sugar syrup begins to cook.

You should Keep on stirring and cooking and the mixture will start to thicken.

When the sugar in the mixture gets 2-thread stability, then switch off the heat. If you cook more, then murabba gets a thick, sticky, and hard texture which is like jam.

Add the powdered cardamom, crushed, and cloves mixture, On cooling the texture congeals more.


 Stir in the rose water and pull from heat mix very well and cool the mixture completely.

Once cooled, spoon Aam Ka Murabba into a clean neutered glass pot. Stays good for more than 3 months in the freeze and about 15 to 20 days at room temperature.


Serve Aam Ka Murabba as a side seasoning with a North Indian dinner or you can also serve it with paratha or any kind of roti.




  Recipe Note  

Here are some Recipe notes:

  Use unripe mangoes  

Ripe mangoes will not have the same bitterness and will not hold their shape as well as the color will also be highly vibrant.

  • Tartness
  • Texture
  • Color

If you don’t have rose water in your home, you can replace 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla section.

You can also count other spices to the murabba, like cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger.






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