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Tansen Palpa: Top 5+best places to visit aroundTansen



Tansen is a municipality that is the administrative center of the Palpa District which is in the “hills” of central Nepal. Palpa covers an area of about 1,373 kilometers and is situated on the highway between Butwal and Pokhara, on the range of the Mahabharat crest or Lesser Himalaya overlooking the valley of the Kaligandaki River to the North. Palpa is a beautiful ancient hill station that provides a more peaceful atmosphere where time moves slowly.

✓ Tansen is a historic city that is fulfilled with palaces, temples, stupas, and historic architecture. It is about 2000 meters beyond sea level with both natural and cultural beauty. It is very famous for its traditional metalwork and producing Dhaka. This town enjoys a reasonable climate with 30 Celsius or going below freezing temperatures. The Tansen is the Magar word which means ‘ Northern Settlement’ which is also the home of United Mission Hospital located one kilometer East of the town center. This place presents a scenic view of the high Himalayas from West to East like Kanjiroba, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Mansiri, Ganesh, and Langtang.

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  Etymology of Tansen, Palpa   

As the Etymology, Tansen was the capital of the Magar Kingdom Palpa which is one of the most effective provincial principalities before the rise of the Shah Dynasty. From the 16th century to almost 300 years, Palpa was governed by the Sen kingdom Mukanda. Palpa district is known as the home of the Magar community and Tansen is the  Magar language. The Newars from Kathmandu resettled there as they discovered an amazing chance to trade at the crossroads of trade routes and the administrative headquarters.

The Maoists even burned Durbar Square to the ground. Presently, Tansen City is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List which is making it the perfect time to visit before it becomes popular.


  Top 5+ best places to visit around Tansen  


  1. Rani Mahal  

Rani Mahal

✓ Rani Mahal is the Rana Palace which is constructed by General Khadga Samsher Rana in 1893.

This palace is situated on the drift of the Kali Gandaki River and is known as the Taj Mahal of Nepal which was constructed in memory of his dearest wife Tej Kumari Devi.

This palace is constructed in a fusion of neoclassical architecture and European style which is one of the major tourist attractions of the Tansen.

The location of this palace adds extra beauty to the palace which is on the lap of the forest called Raniban.

It is relaxed on the top of a considerable rock which is a 4-story palace where there are two ponds on the assumptions.

There are horses and antiques of the King’s regime where can visitors take public vehicles from Tansen bazaar.


  2. Tansen Durbar  

Tansen Durbar  

✓ Tansen Darbar is also known as the Palpa Durbar which is also the Rana Durbar constructed by Pratap Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana in 1927 AD.

It is one of the great palaces in the town of Tansen which was the chair of the governors, during the Rana rule.

During the War of Peoples in 2005, this Durbar was attacked and later it was repaired in 2008.

Now, this place is the historical showroom showing the arts and architecture of the town which was extended to both national and International tourists in 2008 AD.


  3. Shreenagar  


The Palpa Shreenagar Dada is one of the most compelling and en corporating places in Palpa for tourist attraction.

This place is situated about half a kilometer from Tansen Bazaar which lies in the Palpa district

Because of the beautification of this place, the district is looking for a growing number of visitors from further the district.

The green borderland with a combination of tall trees consisting of Chir pine, Needlewood Tree, honey tree, Castanopsis indica, and Dhupi Salla are sights to behold.

✓ From the view tower, the stunning Machhapuchhre, Dhawalagiri, and Annapurna mountains can be observed as well as ideas of Bhairahawa, Nautanhawa, Tansen, and surrounding areas.

The hilltop provides you with camping chances and spends the night in a tent in the middle which is the perfect location to hang out.


  4. Sitalpati  


✓ Sitalpati is the main court in town constructed in an octagonal gazebo style which was utilized for public functions during the days supervised by the governors of the Shah regime. 

✓ In the 18th century, Khadga Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana constructed a square that was dominated by an octagonal gazebo.

Today this town is also known as a popular meeting spot for locals which is at the NorthWest corner of the court.

At the NorthWest corner of the court there is a small two-tiered Bhimsen Mandir which is sacred to the Newari god of trade and commerce.


  5. Bhairabsthan Temple  

Bhairabsthan Temple

Bhairabsthan Temple is also known as the Kal Bhairab temple which is one of the biggest Hindu temples of lord Kal Bhairab.

✓  It is situated about 9 Kilometers NorthWest of the city of Tansen which is at an elevation of about 1470 m above sea level.

 This temple is famous for its extraordinary tradition of PANCHABALI, which contains animal sacrifice made during that event which means “Pancha” means 5, and “Bali” means sacrifice.

The temple is one of the popular pilgrimage sites for Hindus from all over Nepal which is normally crowded during the month of Navratri.

Navratri is a Hindu festival believed to be the goddess  Durga which is also referred to as Adi Parashakti Nava means “9″, and Ratri means “nights”.

This temple is also one of the most popular tourist destinations where visitors can appreciate scenic views of the surrounding hills and valleys from the temple.


  6. Mul Dhoka   

Mul Dhoka

✓ Mul Dokha is part of Palpa’s Tansen Durbar which is constructed by General Pratap Shamsher.

This is one of the most massive wooden gates among the Kingdoms which leads the way into the famous Ranaujireshwori Bhagawati temple, believed the guardian god of Tansen.

  During the 2006 battle, it was damaged and again it was reconstructed a few years later.

Traditional adhesive mixture called “Bajra” or “Surki”  by the locals along with black lentil paste and molasses which may be used for the construction.



  Culture and Traditions of Tansen  


  1. Music  

Tansen Music Festival

Tansen is also known as the “City of Music” and is the dwelling of several musicians and singers that is also home to the Tansen Music Festival, which is maintained every year in February.


  2. Dance  

Tansen Dance Festival

Tansen is also dwelling on different kinds of dance forms which contains the traditional Newari dance, the masked dance, and the folk dance.


  3. Art  

Tansen Art Festival

Tansen is the dwelling of several artists and artisans and is known for its traditional Newari art which contains wood carving, metalwork, and pottery.


  4. Food  

Tansen is dwelling to a combination of restaurants serving both Nepali and international cuisine and is also known for its sweetmeats which contain the jalebi, the gulab jamun, and the barfi.


  5. Festivals  

Tansen is dwelling to several festivals throughout the year which contain the Holi festival, the Dashain festival, and the Tihar festival.



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